The educational programme at Adapazarı ENKA Schools is built on an inquiry-based approach. Inquiry includes the active engagement of students in their surroundings as they work to explain the connections in the world. It also includes making connections between questions, experiences, knowledge, and reflections. In order to support inquiry, there is a focus on conceptual learning. Through conceptual learning, we aim to go beyond the memorisation of knowledge and to focus on important concepts for each and every lesson, or for multiple lessons, developing students’ thinking skills and ensuring that they find deeper connections. The student is at the centre of learning and teaching, and teachers guide students to find connections. Lessons are adapted for different students by assessing their prior knowledge and levels of readiness, identifying their interests and learning styles, and encouraging them to try new experiences and ways of thinking. With younger students, bearing in mind their level of development, the learning-through-play method is frequently used. It is believed that the student learns best when s/he is connected with the reality of the surrounding world and also when s/he does research about the topics s/he is interested in. To this end, challenging, engaging, significant and relevant learning experiences are created in vivid and encouraging learning environments.  Attention is paid to what students understand -to their knowledge, skills and development, Reflection on the programme is ensured through pre-assessment, summative assessment and formative assessment. This range of teaching and learning approaches provide a framework within which to develop the attributes of the ENKA Schools learner profile.