We organised our fifth “Silent Reading Action”, as Adapazarı ENKA Schools, on Sunday May 26th 2013. The event took place between 13.00 and 16.00 at the Serdivanpark shopping mall in the city centre of Adapazarı.

It is desirable for individuals, students and society at large to read a lot. Reading makes it possible to be a free individual within society who discovers different worlds, has a critical approach and takes steps for the better.

Our theme was “Reading is not a leisure time activity but one of our basic needs.”

It is extremely important that the necessity to learn is not limited to the confines of educational institutions and that society at large also helps to meet this need.

We are trying to spread the idea that reading a book is possible anywhere if the opportunity is created. We chose to showcase this at the shopping mall. There, students wearing ENKA T-shirts sat in show cases and read books, and free participants supported us by using the common areas. Through this activity, and by reading, we protested at the habit of wasting time, our most precious asset. In our Silent Reading Activity in 2009 and 2010, we read our books at the AdaCenter shopping mall in Adapazarı city centre and at the Kentpark, shopping centre. It is very easy to participate; all you have to do is come to the activity centre and read a book, magazine, newspaper or e-book, or any other written material. Society can only develop and evolve by reading, which is the cheapest way of learning. We desire to change the perception “I don’t have time for reading books”, and raise awareness of the fact that social development is only possible through books and reading. We extend our thanks to the management of the SerdivanPark shopping mall for supporting us in our activity.

Additional activities included interviews about reading habits, which took place in the Kahve Dünyası coffee shop and İtalyan İşi restaurant, and a photography exhibition entitled ‘Silent Reading Action from Past to Present’, which was held on the ground floor.