Adapazarı ENKA Schools offers equality of opportunity in education and aims at bringing up individuals who can use critical thinking and communication skills across different disciplines, who question, who can express themselves in several languages, who are respectful of differences and have international awareness and are creative.

As an institution, along with our stated objectives, we are also responsible for providing a healthy and safe environment for people on out campus, minimising our footprint on the environment, protecting and promoting the natural balance on campus.

Students, their families, employees, visitors, subcontractors, suppliers and the local population all come under our responsibility.

We believe that all accidents are preventable and we are aware that this target may be met through an approach of constant self-development and Zero Accidents Policies.

In carrying out their tasks, all of our employees are expected to abide by the requirements of worker health and workplace safety regulations and to protect the environment, goods and property.  This expectation applies to all subcontractors and supplies as well as employees.

Our Environment, Workplace Health and Safety (EHS) Policy brings preventive measures to and removes potential risks from activities on our campus, thereby ensuring the safety of students, their families, visitors, subcontractors and suppliers.

To this end, we promise to take the necessary measures to stop pollution and harm to the environment that can negatively affect the flora and fauna with which we live together, prevent injuries and damage to health and reduce risks to all living things; abide by the workplace health and safety laws that are in effect as well as the standards of groups and institutions under which we operate and that we will constantly improve our system.

To implement this policy, a concrete, comprehensive and active Environment, Workplace Health and Safety (EHS) programme is prepared. In implementing the EHS programme, all employees are responsible for taking measures necessitated by their authority. The responsibilities include the removal of all risks and notifying superiors of potential dangers, as well as active participation in and support for all workplace security measures.