Students at ENKA Schools must adhere to the following dress code.


Garments must be chosen from among those that will not make students sweat, cause rash or irritation. Coats: Should have a three-string hood and be made of 70% cotton and 30% polyester.  Long and short sleeved shirt: polo neck, made of 100% cotton. Neckless basic shirt: Made of 100% cotton. Trousers and skirts: Made of 76% micro pes fabric and 24% viscose. Shorts: Made of 95% cotton and 5% lycra.





Enter the pool at least an hour after having eaten. Please use the toilet before entering the pool. Take a shower, with particular care to clean your feet. If you have a skin infection, open wound or cuts on your body, do not use the pool. Only bring items necessary for swimming to the pool area. Do not enter the pool area without appropriate footwear, or with daily clothes, shoes, bags and similar items. Do not bring in food or drink to the pool area. Users must wear swimming suits and trunks. It is forbidden to enter the pool with clothing not made for swimming purposes, such as jeans or shorts. Do not wear underwear with the bathing suit or trunks.  Do not enter the pool area with shoes worn outside. Do not enter the pool without a swimming cap. It is absolutely forbidden for those who cannot swim to enter the pool. Children under the age of 16 may not enter the pool alone with individual supervision by a teacher or other adult. It is forbidden to run and play games around the pool or jump into the water in a manner that splashes other people. Breathing masks and flippers may only be used in special underwater sessions. Seaside items (plastic balls, pool beds, life rings and inflatable armbands) may not be brought into the pool. Users must remove all items of jewellery before entering the pool.


Do not throw external items in the pool. Always keep to the right of the lanes. Do not sit on or push down the lanes. Do not sit down around the pool. The middle lanes are reserved for rapid swimmers. It is forbidden to remain stationary in these lanes. Unless otherwise advised, swim along the length of the pool. Do not dive and swim on the bottom. Bin chewing gum before entering the pool.


Individuals and groups must adhere to the sessions and lanes reserved for them. Swimmers must not leave the pool in swimming suits or trunks. Swimmers must follow the warnings of pool personnel. Those who violate the rules will be asked to leave and those who do not comply will have their membership revoked. Non-members will not be allowed to make use of the facilities again. ENKA Schools management is not responsible for the loss of personal belo0ngings or any accidents. Those with health issues are advised to consult a doctor before using the pool. Those with health issues that may cause problems in the pool should notify personnel before entering the pool. It is forbidden to take photos or record images around the pool. Users are responsible for any damage they may cause to items and equipment in and around the pool and they will be obliged to pay for damages. It is forbidden to smoke at the facilities. The above rules are for your own safety. Every user is deemed to have accepted to abide by these rules upon entering the pool area. The enforcer of the rules and authorised person around the pool is the employee at entrance.  Every user must heed the warnings of personnel. It is the responsibility of this member of staff to take and enforce any measures necessary to ensure the safety and wellbeing of yourself and others in cases not covered by the rules given above.