MYP students complete the MYP Community Project in the third year of the program. The main goal of this project is to enable students to prepare projects that will encourage them to take a voluntary and active role in solving social problems, based on their personal interests. For this purpose, students complete their projects by going through the processes of investigation, planning, action, and reflection. Community projects can be individual or group projects. Project supervisors mentor students throughout the process.

The community project work starts with students determining the society they will serve and a need of this society. With the guidance of the project supervisors, students start to do research in line with their goals and to record the process in their process journals. During the planning phase of the project, students elaborate on their projects and fill out the proposal for action form. The planned service is implemented at the phase of taking action. In the reflection phase, the student is expected to evaluate himself and the process. In the final phase of the Community Project, the student shares the whole process with the school community with an oral presentation and inspires new projects. Students who successfully complete the community project are entitled to receive the MYP Certificate of Completion.