All teaching and learning approaches that we use while implementing our education programme at Adapazarı ENKA Schools aim to give both global and local perspectives on the topics and units covered. The approaches ensure that students are aware of their own cultures while realising that there are different communities and cultures in the world. We make students realise that they need to see the world from the points of view of others as well. In the context of raising awareness not only for students but also for every single learner in the school, important national and international days are observed and celebrated with various social activities, club activities and projects, allowing us to raise individuals as citizens of the world. During these activities, we use resources in our library (in different languages and of different types) and on tablets (an indispensable part of education, which is used very effectively in our school as a window to the world). Adapazarı ENKA Schools graduates will exhibit attributes of the IB Learner Profile, reflecting on and representing shared values and international mindedness.