Portfolios can be used by students and teachers to record their learning achievements and express their identity. Students and teachers will choose pieces of work, or include observations or evidence from other assessment strategies, that show their levels of knowledge and understanding, and that demonstrate their skills and attitudes. Portfolios are useful ways to involve students in their own learning and the assessment of that learning.

Teachers and administrators may wish to explore different models of portfolios for use in their own particular schools, and take into consideration the format of the portfolio, such as whether it should be a physical folder or a virtual folder on the school website. Storage issues, among others, will arise with either format.

These assessment strategies, and others, can all be used to develop suitable and appropriate performances of understanding. Tasks will be specific to Middle Years Programme (MYP) objectives, although various categories of task exist that are broadly represented by the following list:

    • Compositions—musical, physical, artistic
    • Creation of solutions or products in response to problems
    • Essays
    • Examinations
    • Questionnaires
    • Investigations
    • Research
    • Performances
    • Presentations—verbal (oral or written), graphic (through various media)

The MYP subject-group guides provide more information on assessment tasks and the applicability of certain criteria.