Adapazarı ENKA Schools Library aims to impart to its students the habit of reading books, to foster the efficient use of leisure time, to contribute to the personal development of the teachers and to have a direct impact on the education of the students. To this end it ensures that information is supplied in the shortest possible time and shared in the most effective way. ENKA Schools Library is a participatory library that curates its collection and materials in line with the demands of the teachers and students, and stores them with an open-shelf system.

At the same time, the school library develops programmes to  support academic honesty and strengthen the information literacy skills of the students, and delivers training in these areas.

The library has a large information capacity with its 54,935 materials. It is an up-to-date library with 47,000 books, 902 CDs, 157 VCDs, 1,000 DVDs, 5,000 VHSs, 336 Laser Discs and subscriptions to 32 periodicals.  A total of eight daily newspapers (5 national, 2 local and 1 local) are available.

Moreover, there is an electronic information database to which the library subscribes.

Working Hours

Weekdays, from 08.20 to17.30

ENKA Schools Film Archive: As a result of a “Book Workshop” we conducted, students prepared some projects and watched various films. They then took some scenes from the films and added them into their presentations to make their projects more visual. Our students continued to produce such projects  in increasing numbers, and this situation created a need for a film archive. Hearing of this, Ahmet Mithat Alam donated to us the entire archive of the film centre which he founded at Boğaziçi (Bosporus) University.

Just like the library, the archive has also grown rich both through donations and through new purchases.

Şarık Tara

ENKA Holding Honorary President Mr. Şarık Tara donated approximately 15,000 books and non-book publications to our library as part of a campaign he started in 2014. The campaign is still continuing. Extra copies of publications already in our collection that are acquired as a result of the campaign are sent to other schools in order to support them.

Halit Çapın

Ms. Berfu Çapın kindly donated to our school library the collection of the journalist and author Halit Çapın, who will always be remembered for his contributions to Turkish language and literature, his work in his field, his unique use of language, his lively writing style and the many awards which were presented to him.

Duygu Asena

With her donation, Ms. İnci Asena provided our school library with the library of the journalist and author Duygu Asena, who opposed taboos on women’s rights, sexuality, violence against women and women’s economic freedom, and acted as a defender of women’s movements in Turkey.