“Club Hour” is carried out during two class hours per week and after-school activities are carried out three days a week in the chosen areas during school hours on Thursdays. Our students have the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in many different fields in the club and after-school activities carried out by professional club counsellor teachers, coaches and qualified instructors.

In club and after-school activities, students’ social and cultural development is ensured, and their academic development is supported.

The purpose of our school clubs and after-school activities is to develop students’ leadership abilities, communication skills and their sense of self-confidence, and to enable them to discover themselves by highlighting their personal skills and interests. Furthermore, students serve the understanding of sustainable society with “Community Service” activities.

Club activities, after-school programs and school team activities are carried out as extracurricular activities in cooperation with ENKA Schools and ENKA Sports Club. The basic philosophy of the studies is to support the social and cultural development of students by enabling them to transform their knowledge into experience with the activities carried out throughout their education. In addition, the other important part of the philosophy is to raise individuals who have attitudes and values ​​that transcend the differences arising from language, religion, race and class differences with the understanding of universal education.

Alongside the activities around the topic of geography, students are also trained to be able to respond to likely to happen disasters by giving the Basic Disaster Education, First Aid Training, Basic and Advanced Search and Rescue Training, Communication and Stress Management training and so. Certificated and non-certified trainings are given with the collaboration of institutions like Sakarya AFAD, Provincial Health Directorate and Fire Department. To fortify the training, stands and meetings are organized with the collaboration of AFAD. promotional and educational activities are organized in school community and in Sakarya in order to rise consciousness about disasters.

Open to all students who want to dance, the club holds its practice sessions during the club lessons which are scheduled for two hours a week, and after school or at weekends when necessary. If there are too many applicants, auditions are held. The students are expected to abide by the schedule of the club and always remember that this is teamwork. During the course of the year, the team performs at the Istanbul ENKA Dance Festival, the Robert High School Dance Festival, the SEV American High School SOLEA Event, the Bilgi University Dance Festival, the Adapazarı ENKA Schools Arts Festival and the Graduation Ceremony.

English Debate Club  provides students the opportunity to develop research, critical and logical thinking skills. During club hours, students  do all their research and discussions in English other than their mother tongue and also competitive and collaborative debates are held in order for them to be aware of current global events, build their confidence in terms of public speaking and refine their argument tactics. Students are also given the chance of representing our school in national and international tournaments as persuasive speakers, critical listeners, analytical thinkers and engaged citizens.

EYP (European Youth Parliament) is a European Parliament simulation where students from national and international schools debate the current issues of the World, EU and Turkey. Students come up with solutions and present these solutions in a general assembly. Club students attend National Selection Conferences, National Forums and should they be successful in the conference, they represent our country in an international session. The aims of EYP club are to raise awareness on different conventions from differing nations, global responsibility and respect for diversity.

Members of this club work on the solution of translation problems involving symbolic, encrypted or dead languages in order to develop their abilities in the areas of decryption and analytical thinking.

At the end of the year, efforts are made to take part in the Turkish team to go to the Linguistics Olympics, which are held in a different country every year.

Model United Nations is a club which aims to promote the development of human rights as a simulation of United Nations Organizations conferences in English. Throughout the conferences, students are the ambassadors and delegates of the countries they represent.

In order to find the best solution to global issues during the conferences, the participants have an intensive period studying policies of the committee country they belong to and the other countries’ policies under the leadership of MUN advisors. These simulations include public discourse, international policy analysis, listening to other international positions as well as sharing ideas, resolving conflicts, sending diplomatic notes to the countries and technical writing when required. Club students organize the annual “ADENMUN Conference” as a community service project, planning all the details and are aided by the club advisor.

The science, art, sports and literary magazine “Yazadurmak” is published in May every year. Containing articles written by our students throughout the year, it informs the school community and other persons linked to the school about all the intramural and extramural activities that have taken place. The magazine offers an enjoyable reading experience including travel writing, essays, interviews and reviews in different literary styles. Published for the 12th time this year, the magazine uses interviews to put its readers in touch with many famous people from the worlds of both art and politics, and it will continue to do so in future.

FATE (Fantasy adventure table-top entertainment) is a club that uses board and role-playing games to encourage imagination, strategic thinking, creativity, communication skills and collaboration. Students play and take part in a number of different games including Dungeons & Dragons, Risk, and Pandemic, all conducted in English. The club’s main focus is D&D (Dungeons & Dragons), the aim of this role-playing game is to play as characters created by the student with the help of the teacher. The teacher guides the custom characters through events such as such as battles, treasure hunting, saving the day and many other activities all based in a world of fantasy.

Press Club brings curricular and non-curricular activities together with the school community throughout the year using texts that came right from the students’ hands. The club not only conducts studies aimed at improving the communication skills of students but also creates travel article, essay, interview, and review which offers enjoyable content for the readers using different literary genres.

Yazadurmak Science, Art, Sport, and Literature Journal, published every year in June, offers interviews with famous names in art, literature, and politics.

The English-speaking Darts club aims to increase the students’ English language level as well as the disciplines the sport of darts provides the player. The player can develop their patience, eye to hand coordination, arithmetic and tactics. Players that show potential may also join the successful school team (boys and girls) and after competing in the Sakarya Finals may progress to the Marmara and Turkish National Championships.

Yoga exercises help you strengthen your body, calm your mind, focus for longer periods of time and increase your self-awareness. As you explore your own limits, you learn ways to remain mentally, physically, and spiritually in balance. The moment you sit on your mat, your special time begins … Do you want to witness how this special time positively affects your whole life? Join us for the unique journey and experience of yoga!

Drama Club students increase their knowledge and culture level in this field by reading and examining classical and modern theater plays. The training they receive on acting, staging, setting and costume forms the basis of their performance. This contributes to their psycho-social development by expressing themselves in the language of the play they stage in front of a large audience.

Book club students improve their reading habits, which is one of the most important requirements of personal development, by analyzing and comparing literary works.

They take it as a mission to produce and share ideas that will contribute to the reading culture in its close and distant surroundings. They also promote new books in the “Book Newspaper”, which they prepare digitally, in addition to organizing book fair trips and writer-artist interviews. They use and improve their creativity by planning and participating leather and cloth binding workshops.

The educational use of coding began in the 60’s with the use of the Logo programming language. Python, today’s most popular programming language, is an object-oriented, interpretive, modular and interactive high-level language. Since it is a high-level language, it is easier to learn. The desired work can be done quickly with fewer lines of code.

There are quite a lot of platforms on which Python is supported. It is compatible with many operating systems such as Unix, Linux, Mac, Windows, Symbian. Python is a fairly general programming language. The width of the usage areas is also effective in the preference. Python is used in many areas from engineering to finance. The usage areas of the Python programming language are as follows:

  • Web Application Development
  • Python scientific and numerical calculations
  • Artificial intelligence applications (AI)
  • Internet of things (IOT)
  • Data mining applications
  • Visualization applications
  • Desktop applications etc.

The most important gain of all and especially current era is having an “idea”. What’s more important than that is to be able to make the ideas come true. Next Station club working on entrepreneurship will provide opportunities to motivate and improve students about shaping, deepening and embodying their ideas. Students unite with their peers and trade their ideas in the organizations they make. They take lessons from experts and enterprisers about their ideas and how to make them become true.

Club students prepared for project competitions organized by TÜBİTAK. Articles they write and projects they make helps them develop academically. And the year in order to improve the students creative writing skills in the high school level.

Understanding math’s vital features and the importance of it due to being the language of science, seeing the intertwines of life and mathematics by using modeling work, developing new projects using scientific research techniques and joining the national and international competitions using the results gained to gain the identity of mathematics researcher are the biggest goals of the club. In addition, reaching the level of using mathematics effectively is one of the most important earning of the club.

Students of the “Debate Club” improve themselves and their ideas by having the chance of analyzing both positive and negative sides of a topic they are into. With the trainings they get, students earn argumentation, antithesis production, rebuttal and exampling skills. They get the chance of improving their speaking skills by being in the center of an argument about a certain topic every week.
They represent our school by participating in national and international tournaments.

Biology is the science that studies the origin, distribution, structure, development, growth and reproduction of living things, their distribution on earth and their interaction with the non-living environment. Biology Olympiad, on the other hand, is an organization that aims to teach biology by making students love it, and more importantly, teaches reasoning. Biology, which is the basis of many positive sciences, provides meaning and learning, and most importantly, it opens the horizon. Reasoning provides great convenience to people in all branches of science. Biology Olympiads raise conscious individuals, healthy generations and productive plants for a sustainable world. The name of this organization in Turkey is the National Science Olympiads organized by TUBITAK. Students who do these studies will be more advantageous in the university exam than their peers in the fields they participate in the Olympiads. In addition, if students qualify for the national team selection exams, they will participate in the IBO (International Biology Olympiad), the most prestigious biology competition in the world, if they are selected for the 4-person national team. In case of receiving a medal here, students will have the right to pass to the university without examination and a worldwide reference. In addition, in the organizations attended, students have the opportunity to develop their social skills. Good opportunities such as Princeton, Yale, Harvard, Stanford or MIT await a sufficiently equipped and active student.