As Adapazarı ENKA Schools, our main goal in university studies is to support our students to continue their education in the “most suitable” place.

For this reason, studies are carried out throughout their high school education so as to create opportunities for students to discover their interests and talents at every grade level and to ensure that they are placed in the best higher education programs suitable for them.

Within our school’s academic program, students who aim to get a university education in Turkey are also offered university courses for the purpose of preparing for the university entrance exams. The program is planned for 11th and 12th grade students and is carried out by experienced teachers in their fields.

University preparatory studies start in 11th grade with 6 hours a week, followed by the accelerated program held in June and August. It continues on weekdays and Saturdays throughout 12th grade. Students attend the TYT and AYT exams once a month until February and at least twice a month after February. As the exams approach, students are subjected to mock exams every day and they are also encouraged to take them on a national level for the purpose of evaluation of their success.

As of June, the “Summer Vacation Intensive Course Schedule” is made in accordance with a determined plan to create exam awareness and motivate students. During this process of lessons and tests, students are given the first TYT mock exam at the end of the course.

In addition, an extra program is made with the teachers of the Foreign Languages ​​Department for students who are preparing for YDS, and their studies continue throughout the year.

Students are given a leaf test and question bank in order to understand the subject and practice accordingly.

Each year, an average of 1600 hours of university program is prepared for our students. Mock exams, which are conducted to measure the knowledge they gained, to direct our students and follow their success, are presented to the students by the Counselling Service with report cards, graphical analysis and various reports. The results are shared with parents via SMS.

Our counsellors support our students in discovering their talents, increasing their desire to learn, self-developing and making their career planning correctly.

They organize promotional activities of various professions with the participation of experts in their fields and our graduates. They conduct studies to minimize the effects of the concerns that the exam concept may cause on our students, their learning and exam performance. They help our students to settle in the best school and department according to their interests and abilities after the exam.

Overseas University Counselling

Also, students with ambitious to further their education are supported with university research, application and required exams. The additional studies organized for our students to prepare them for international exams such as TOEFL, SAT, IELTS keeps on throughout the year with the teachers of Mathematics Department and the native teachers of the Foreign Languages ​​Department.