The principal aims of the Basketball Club are to induce a love of basketball in its members, to involve them in sharing and common action and build their team spirit, and to contribute to their healthy physical and mental development. All the students in the basketball club have the chance to participate in the school team as well.

The Chess Club carries out activities to teach the game of chess, – which is at the same time an art, a sport and a science – to those students who do not know to play it, and to ensure that students who are already interested develop their knowledge and abilities further. The principal aims of the club are to teach and popularize chess and to ensure that students develop their thinking skills by playing chess.

In the 2016-2017 academic year, the members of the Colourful Walls Club will be provided with environments for implementing various painting and sculpture techniques. As our students add their creativeness to the environment in which they live, and give them an aesthetic dimension, we aim to convert our campus into an open air museum.

The Adapazarı Private ENKA Middle School JMUN Club is continuing its activities in the 2016-2017 academic year with a series of public speaking events, debates and ideas exchanges using the English language.

The purpose of the Club is to enable students to learn how the United Nations operates with all its member countries, The members engage in research, discussion and debate, and participate in the model conferences. As in the past, our students will have the opportunity to put their knowledge, awareness, curiosity and communications skills on display, and to examine how global international diplomacy works, by participating in various JMUN conferences this year.

In this club, we practise singing with our students. Students who play the violin, piano, flute, drums and guitar can get together and practise music. Our goal is to perform our club activities as a part of ENKA Arts Day.

Students who join the Organic Life Club will be involved in a wide range of activities. They will make vases and garden ornaments from waste materials, grow their own vegetables and fruit, find out in detail about the organic way of life, and organize waste battery and waste oil collection campaigns. At the end of the year they will set up an Ecological Market.

The ENKA Tech Makers Club will continue its activities under a new name from now on: R&D ENKA. The students in the R&D ENKA Club will put their curiosity and investigative skills to work by developing various projects. Meanwhile, the club members are also working to solve the problems that emerged during the one-to-one iPad training sessions, and to provide support to the in-class application for the use of technology in education. For this purpose, they receive Apple technical education at the Troy Apple Center. The members are also engaged in raising awareness in the school community based on the information contained in user manuals for technological tools. They also organize algorithm and coding activities in the school. In addition to these activities, our club member students make the preparations for the ENKA Technology Awareness Day, the second of which has gone ahead. Here, the focus is on students’ recognition of new technologies and the factors required to care in the digital world. In this context, the members prepare Scratch applications and a three-dimensional pen (3DOODLER) booth, as well as working on awareness streets, activities using MYO Wrist Bands and various other booths. Our students have developed the spirit of “Being a Maker” during club production works throughout the term. End-of-year club activities continue with the creation of holograms and Mbot robots using MakeBlock programming.

Probably everyone has had a dream of discovering what lies underwater. Human beings became acquainted with the ocean floors for the first time 5,000 years ago, and the desire to explore it further has endured right down to the present day. How about discovering this world together with us? How about lifting off the mysterious lid, peering below the surface, and helping more people appreciate the fascinating beauty of the sub-marine?

The Short Film Club is made up of students who are interested in the cinema and short films. We work on film shooting techniques, acting for the camera, creating fiction, preparing synopses and creating sets.

Besides passing on technical information, the workshops also aim to develop the creativity of the students taking part.

Students who are members of the Tennis Club get to know the sport of tennis in an entertaining way through educational tennis games. During these activities, they have to use all their muscle groups, including their brains.

As tennis is an individual sport, we choose training methods that improve the players’ decision-making on court. In this way, the students improve their ability to make the right decisions to achieve success.

Tennis is also a sport full of individual mistakes. When our students make a mistake, they also learn to overcome the psychological impact of this mistake, and become better at focusing on the struggle for the next point. Accordingly, they improve their abilities to deal with any negative situations in which they may find themselves.

All in all, the tennis activities are conducted with a focus on instilling self-confidence in the child.

Students who are talented and interested in the theatre can join this club. Our goal is to teach them about the arts of the theatre and give them opportunities to perform on stage. Working on improvisation, role-playing and stage techniques, we aim to familiarise the students with the arts of the theatre.

Students who participate in the activities of the volleyball club learn the game rules and basic skills of volleyball. Playing the game contributes to their mental and physical development. As it is a team sport, volleyball also strengthens friendships and develops a sense of acting jointly to achieve success. The most skilful, ambitious and successful students in our volleyball club participate in the school teams, and the club hour becomes an extra opportunity for practice.

Öğretmen: Esra UYAL ONAT- Z. Esra KESENCİ

Sınıf: 6

Kapasite: 12 Öğrenci

İSTA (International Schools Theatre Academy) Kulübünün hedefi nedir?

Öğrencilerimizin tiyatral yeteneklerini İngilizce dil becerileri ile bütünleştirerek IB okullarının katıldığı, profesyonelliği dünyaca kabul edilmiş drama öğreticilerinden hem yurtdışında hem okulumuzda (online olarak) drama eğitimi almalarına fırsat yaratarak;

  • Sosyal alanda çocukların kendilerini yabancı dille ifade edebilecekleri altyapıyı hazırlamak
  • Öğrencilerimizin hem yazılı hem sözlü dil becerilerini kendi hayal güçleriyle harmanlayarak geliştirmek
  • Tiyatronun eğitici özelliğini dil öğretiminin geniş yelpazesinde birleştirerek öğrencilerimizin soyut kavramları somut hareketlerle ortaya koyabilmelerini, hayata bakış açılarını genişletmelerini, özgüven kazanmalarını ve tüm bunları İngilizcenin farklı yönlerini keşfederek yapmalarını sağlamak
  • Yabancı ülkelerin kültür özelliklerinin öğrencilerimiz tarafından tanınmasını, farklı kültürlerden arkadaşlar edinilmesini ve bunun sonucu olarak İngilizceyi ders olarak görmek yerine bir yaşam tarzı gibi görmelerini sağlamak
  • İngilizce kompozisyon, şiir, drama, eleştirel düşünme, empati kurma ve yazma becerilerini geliştirmek,
  • Bir dünya vatandaşı olmalarını sağlamak


İSTA Kulübü nün işleyişi nasıldır ve faaliyetleri neler olacaktır?

Kulübümüz okulumuz kulüp saatlerinde çalışmalarını yürütecektir. Bu çalışmalardan bazıları yurtdışında bulunan online drama eğitmenimiz Fenella KELLY ile kulüp saatinde canlı yapılacaktır.

2018 Mart ayı başında Londra IB Okullar Festivaline İSTA Kulübü öğrencilerimiz kulüp öğretmenleri ile birlikte katılacaklardır. Festival boyunca profesyonel drama öğreticileriyle atölye çalışmalarına katılacaklardır.

İSTA Kulübünün yıl içinde hazırladıkları oyunu ikinci dönem okuldaki arkadaşlarına sunmaları planlanmaktadır.

Open to all students who want to dance, the Dance Club comes together during the two weekly scheduled school club hours and after school when required. We have started out with 13 students. Our team will give performances of pop and freestyle dancing at the festivals that are organized within the year.

The Debating Club aims to improve the abilities of the students who join it to think, speak and argue. For this purpose, member students create teams among themselves and hold debating contests within the club hours. The Club is open to 6th and 7th grade students who want to express themselves effectively and who love defending their ideas.

  • The purpose of the DI Club is to develop its members’
  • creativity
  • critical thinking
  • ability to work effectively within a team
  • optimal use of time
  • problem solving skills

and unique talents.

While learning to work as a team, students also discover the areas in which they are most successful.

This club is a competition club.

The competition consists of two parts.

Immediate task contest: The students are asked to perform a given task within a short time and with a limited number of materials. This brings out their creativity and develops their abilities to think quickly, to take decisions and to implement the decisions they have taken.

Team contestIn the team contest, the students work together on a task which may involve drama, design, improvisation and/or a scientific and technical challenge. They prepare a solution, convert their solution into a script and make a presentation about it.

The purpose of the club is to represent our school on national and international platforms, using the gains which the students acquire through their club activities.

If they win the national tournament, the students in the club will earn the right to represent our school in the USA.

The purpose of the Experiments Club is to contribute to the development of sharing individuals who are able to understand and express themselves, to enhance their skills and to enable them to utilise these skills for the benefit of society in accordance with the general aim and basic principles of Turkish National Education.
Within this context, our club seeks to bring up individuals who:

  • conduct research, ask questions and investigate,
  • are able to use science in solving the problems they face in their daily lives,
  • are aware of their personal skills and use them,
  • develop their problem-solving skills,
  • do not give up when faced with problems but are capable ot generating solutions,
  • know how to act as a group,
  • respect other people’s opinions,
  • are able to establish the cause-and-effect relationships between actors and events, and
  • think positively and analytically, and are capable of analysis and synthesis.

Future Problem Solving Program International (FPSPI) is an educational programme which strengthens the abilities of students to solve problems and assists them to develop visions for the future. It focuses on creativity, analytical thinking and research skills. It gives students the opportunity to solve problems using their own creativity and to compete with one another in this area.

Our mission is to bring up young people who can use problem-solving skills to make a positive contribution to the future of society.

Students in the FPSPI Club generate scenarios and write solution scenarios for them. They learn how they think, not what they think.

The members of the Press Publication and Communications Club take on responsibilities in the process of preparing the school newspaper for publication twice a year. The news and articles written by the students are combined with the articles of the teachers to produce the school newspaper.

Members of the Club also work hard to compile the activities submitted by the various departments for the publication of the school magazine. Our students are responsible for collecting and editing the articles in the magazine.

All this work is done jointly by the students in a social activity hour one day a week.

One of the aims of the Club is that its member students should internalise the correct and effective use of our living Turkish. We are careful to ensure that the students in the Club learn the rules of Turkish and make good use of Turkish a principle by which they live.

We also bring important cultural figures together with our students for bull sessions and take the opportunity to do interviews with them. We aim to train our club members as the correspondents of the future in every sense.

The students in this club are always involved in the organization of celebrations and commemorative events at our schools. This helps the students taking part to develop their creative abilities and organizational skills while working together as a group. In this way, we ensure that our students become individuals who can take responsibility, perform all levels of tasks in group activities and speak comfortably in front of audiences.

The aim of the RobotENKA Club is to develop imagination and creativity by using technology in education.

We are currently working to prepare the club members for the First Lego League (FLL) competitions. We are looking forward to achieving success in the competitions in years to come.

As conscious individuals with an interest in science, our principal aim is to continue our efforts to raise the level of environmental awareness in our school. Following the work which we have done in the past few years on the use of plastic cups and recycling, we plan to organize activities for the whole school community this year in order to sustain the awareness which we have built among the students with respect to electricity and water consumption and the use of paper.

In addition, the members of the Science Workshop Club will conduct STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Maths) activities, which have come to play a prominent role in science education as a way of bringing up individuals who are creative and solution-focused.

The Strategy and Mind Games Club has been established to bring out the creativity of our students and to improve their concentration, problem-solving, critical thinking, time management and three-dimensional perception skills. The Club is concerned both with mind games that can be played by groups – like Quoridor, Abalone, Mangala and Callisto – and with individual games like Snake Cube, Brainbox and Tower of Hanoi.

The Club seeks to develop our students’ mathematical perspectives through games, so enabling them to use mathematics more effectively to resolve the problems they face in their daily life. In due course, we aim to prepare students to take part in the various activities and competitions organized in the field of mind games.

The main purpose of our club is to develop our students’ mathematical perspectives with games and make them use mathematics more effectively for the problems they face in their daily life. After a certain time period, we aimed at upbringing students for various activities and competitions organized about Mind Games and participate in these activities.

The students in the Tablet Music Club work on songs using applications such as “Garageband” and “Noteworks”. We support the work we do on the tablets by studying music theory and songs with Boomwhackers (note pipes). Our aim is to perform our works as a club on ENKA Art Day at the end of the year.

The We’re Social Club aims to expand the knowledge of students in the areas of history and the social sciences. It organizes seminars, conferences and slide shows to enable them to participate in sociocultural activities. It also arranges educational film screenings. In conjunction with other clubs, it organizes trips to historical places near and far, and conducts campaigns to communicate the results of academic, social and cultural studies to the students by publishing brochures etc.

The Club also carries out income-generating activities in order to meet the costs of its activities. Last but not least it organizes social activities like excursions and tea parties in order to strengthen solidarity and collaboration among the club members.

Entrepreneurs are persons who visualize something and make it happen. They have the ability to visualize something and, when they do so, to see clearly how they can bring it about.

Students in the Young Entrepreneurs Club start to be companionable and influential in social and economic life. They learn to recognise and make use of opportunities, to plan and to be productive.




TEDx Public Speaking Club

  • Improve your confidence
  • Develop your English
  • Organise a TEDx event


Our club will provide you with the skills you need to improve your confidence, raise your self-esteem, work colloboratively in a team and be a part of the TEDx committee.

You will gain the necessary skills needed to develop your English.

We are looking for committed , responsible and energetic people. Your positive energy and innovative ideas are needed to organise our TEDxENKASchools evet.


  • Kendinize güveninizi arttırın
  • İngilizcenizi geliştirin
  • TEDx konferansı düzenleyin


Kulübümüz sizlerin ihtiyacı olan kendinize güveninizi artırarak toplum önünde konuşma becerilerinizi geliştirmenizi, takım ruhuyla çalışma ve sorumluluk alma becerilerini geliştirmenizi ,okulumuzda gelecek yıl 14 Nisan’da düzenleyeceğimiz lisanslı TEDxENKASchools komitesinin bir parçası olmanızı sağlar.

İstekli, sorumluluk sahibi ve enerjik adaylar arıyoruz. TEDxENKASchools konferansını düzenlemek için sizin pozitif enerjiniz ve yenilikçi fikirlerinize ihtiyacımız var.