Approaches all people as unique individuals regardless of their gender, race, age, skill, performance or status,

Believes that all people are precious and in this respect, provides support to all students without discrimination,

Acts in accordance with the needs of a developing and changing society,

Regards the collaboration of parents and teachers as a basis for the education of the students,

Sees its services as an integral part of all the educational processes in the school,

Supports students in realising their educational and personal potential and ensures that they are aware of various alternatives,

Believes that its aim is to support and facilitate the development of the students through various activities,

Is aware of the values it adopts, and knows that they may affect the people around it and abstains from imposing these values on the students,

Believes that all students in the school deserve equal and accessible service. To achieve this, it takes account of the number of the students and attaches importance to employing a sufficient number of experts,

Treats the principles of confidentiality and voluntarism as the essential basis of the process of consultation,

Adopts an unbiased and objective approach,

Conducts its activities on a basis of trust,

Is aware that its activities are a matter of process,

Sets targets for its developmental programmes that are in line with the school’s philosophy and mission, counselling and guidance department’s philosophy and the students’ needs,

Attaches importance to the measurability of its activities and keeps records of them,

Conducts its activities in a planned, programmed and organized way and in a professional manner.