The kindergarten programme centres on supporting the children’s mental, physical, linguistic, social and emotional development. ENKA Schools has been authorised by the International Baccalaureate (IBO) to implement the Primary Years Programme (PYP). The educational settings are designed on the principle that children learn by discovery, conducting research by asking questions. This approach supports the development of self-respect and self-reliance, and enables the  children to develop their own strengths and areas of interest. Children use all their emotions and creativity while learning: they wonder, ask, do, experience and entertain; they make observations, discover the pleasure of group work and apply what they have learned in their lives by solving problems. School trips constitute the most important learning experiences from the point of view of inquiry and questioning.

Games are an essential part of the learning environments in kindergarten. Our children are encouraged to make good use of the outdoor game areas as they learn to express themselves, make discoveries, develop their powers of imagination and put their skills into practice in free play and organized games. The focus is not on individual work but on supporting interactive learning within the group, and provides an opportunity for learning based on differentiation. In chess, physical education and swimming activities, the cognitive and bodily development of the children is reinforced through games.

The kindergarten programme also acquaints the young students with English and Spanish and enables them to start learning them. In the field of art and music, creative drama and visual arts are introduced by different teachers, with a view to developing skills for self-expression and drawing out the children’s creativity. iPad-supported training and coding exercises are conducted so that students can become active technology users.

Meanwhile, cognitive academic activities designed to impart awareness of learning prepare the students for the 1st grade.