2018-2019 IGCSE Successes

ENKA students in Grades 9 & 10 have been studying Cambridge IGCSE First Language English and International Mathematics since 2012. We have had six cohorts of students take both courses during this time. 2018-2019 marked our final year with the Cambridge IGCSE programme as MYP was introduced to ENKA High School.

We would like to congratulate the 2017-2019 cohort for completing their IGCSE studies and most importantly, congratulate all the students who received outstanding results in their exams and coursework this year. Our huge success was the high numbers of students who were awarded A* (four students) and A (seventeen students) in International Mathematics, along with five students who were awarded an A for First Language English. Finally, it was pleasing to learn that IGCSE moderators commended ENKA students for a high standard of writing in their coursework portfolio.

We would like to thank all the teachers who have been teaching the IGCSE curriculum for the past 7 years and for supporting our students along their academic journey.

–Nurcan Uysal, English Coordinator Grades 5-12