To lay the intellectual and behavioral foundations that will prepare and motivate students to develop to the full extent of their capacities, to employ the mental and moral habits that foster freedom of thought and action, and to seek to be leading citizens of Turkey or their country of origin.


ENKA Schools exist to further the moral, physical, and intellectual development of children. Individuals prosper best within a caring, supportive, and respectful community. Our educational program emphasizes student-centered, independent learning. It helps students to develop intellectual discipline through inquiry in which they employ their knowledge and academic skills. It teaches students to take responsibility for their actions and to make plans for their own learning. We create learning environments and provide resources that promote curiosity, investigation, and discovery. Students, teachers, and parents are encouraged to participate in the life and mission of the schools, forming a community dedicated to a lifetime of learning and service.

ENKA Schools'


Developing the Learning Community

We believe…

  • In the centrality of learning rather than teaching
  • In the richness of each stage of human development and the uniqueness of each person.

Developing the Individual

We believe…

  • In the importance of character above all else
  • In a commitment to the best that is within each person.

Acting in the Local and Global Community

  • We respect all members of the community and diversity within the community
  • We recognize that the individual and the community are interdependent and have mutual responsibility
  • We advance the common good by serving the local, national and international community
  • We commit to raising global consciousness among all members of the school community
  • We know, appreciate and embrace the importance of bilingualism for the individual and the society.