Celebrating the Anniversary of Our Republic

“As ENKA teachers, by raising youth who have internalized Kemalist principles and reforms,
who will pioneer social development,
who will sustain the gains of the Republic,
who are aware of one’s rights and responsibilities,
who are productive and equipped with the knowledge and skills required in today’s world,
who do not compromise on democracy,
and who have adopted ethical values,
we will continue to walk on the path of contemporary civilization.”
October 29 Republic Day Ceremony Opening Speech, History Teacher Alaattin Kılıç

We hope everyone had a happy Republic Day!

This year, we celebrated the 96th anniversary of the foundation of our Republic. As ENKA Schools, we organized various activities during Republic Day week to emphasize the importance of the Republic and to raise awareness among our students on the concepts of DemocracyFreedom, and Human Rights. Our teachers spent a great deal of effort on these activities. We would like to thank each one of our wonderful teachers.

Activities on the theme of ‘Democracy’ encompassed classes, corridors, and even the dining hall. We included Republic Day elements in classes via interdisciplinary studies from Turkish classes to Mathematics, from Modern Foreign Languages to IB Group 3. We discussed the concept of the Republic from Ancient Greek to the present day, the qualities a leader should have, and nationalism. In art classes, we examined how different artists reflected democracy, freedom, and human rights on the canvas. Our students made drawings using geometry applications with the actual measurements of the Turkish flag.

We watched Sarı Zeybek with our students during lunch in the dining hall, and learned about Atatürk’s thoughts on science. Our students decorated the school boards with acrostic poems, paper cranes, and flags. On Monday, the youngest ENKAns sang marches and poems and waltzed with their friends and teachers.

Meeting on October 29 in the ENKA Auditorium, all ENKAns watched a full show filled with choirs, waltz performances and historical recreations, after which they filed down to the athletics field to get their torches. Echoeing marches in the field accompanied by a marching band, our Torchlight Procession ended in the blue area.