ENKA strives to be a caring community with a global perspective. It is it important for children to develop a sense of global citizenry and for each individual to take responsibility to create positive change in the world– whether it be in one’s self, home, city, or other countries. Through taking part in various school initiatives and also through visiting inspirational speakers, ENKA students learn how small steps add up to world changes.

Community service is something in which our students participate throughout their years here, with the opportunity to get involved in numerous social outreach projects locally and internationally from even the earliest years.

In grades 10, 11, and 12, the level of expected participation in social outreach and creativity, activity, and service (CAS) increases considerably because students are learning to take responsibility for their own development. Once they are adults, they will have to rely on their own passion to improve themselves and improve the world, so having it become an important part of their life as a student sets a strong foundation.

This is not just a part of our school’s ethos, it is a cornerstone of the International Baccalaureate curriculum that we implement.

In order to satisfy graduation requirements, students must engage in significant creativity, activity, and service projects that are guided by their faculty advisors. However, the projects are chosen and executed by the students themselves; their emotional investment in their CAS projects is the key to authentic, meaningful personal growth that helps set good habits for adulthood.

The projects students engage in, whether individually or in clubs, range widely from supporting rural Turkish schools through stocking their libraries with books, to students pushing their personal limits while pursuing the Duke of Edinburgh International Award , to students joining the annual outreach trip to Nepal where they teach English, art, and other subjects to Primary School students in rural Bandipur and Nargakot.

In the past few years our school has taken more serious steps to coordinate, track, and increase all the sustainability efforts we engage in schoolwide. In 2018 we were honored with the Sustainable Development Goal Award by the Turkish Corporate Social Responsibility Association due to our Sustainable Campus Program. Here is a partial list of the programs that we run at our school or in coordination with our two sister schools:

GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being
-Medicine Collection Campaign
-”iyİLİK” Bone Marrow Center Project
-Psychology Conference
-Values Education

GOAL 4: Quality Education
-Social Me Academy Club’s Özel Sevgi
Çiçeği Rehabilitation Center Project
-Entrepreneur Summit, My Spaceship Activity
-”Once Upon a Time” Societal Gender Workshop
-ÇOÇA Peer Bullying
-Environment Day
-Audio Library Project
-Global Goals Training
-Global Goals-Focused “Meet My World” Project
-Child Protection Training  (all staff)
-Spring Teachers’ Conference (free for public school teachers)
-Foreign Language Project (with sister school)
-Model United Nations  (free for public school students)

GOAL 5: Gender Equality
-Syrian Refugee Children Project
-Corridor Library Project
-Silent Reading Activities
-ÇEKÜL Sustainability Training

GOAL 7: Affordable and Clean Energy
-Organ & Tissue Donation Week
-Solar Energy Erasmus Project

GOAL 8: Decent Work & Economic Growth
-High School Biotechnology Club
-Sourcing support staff locally

GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
-TÜBİTAK Water Filter Projects

GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality
-Audio Library Project
-Nepal Project (visiting, volunteering and physical improvement project)
-Social Me Academy Club Özel Sevgi Çiçeği Rehabilitation Center Project
-Gaziantep Summer School
-Aziz Nesin Foundation April 23rd Celebrations
-Syrian Refugee Children Project
-Corridor Library Project
-Silent Reading Activities
-Blue Plastic Cap Campaign
-Shoe Drive
-ENKA RUN Project
-Football Game by Visually Impaired Team
-Spring Teachers’ Conference  (free for public school teachers )
-Foreign Language Project  (with sister school)
-Model United Nations (free for public school students)

GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities & Communities
-Permaculture Club & Garden
-Movie Club Street Animals Project
-Joint Project with Hasan Kızıl, Repairman of Lives

GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption & Production
-Environment Day
-Environmentally Friendly Water Bottles
-Environmentally Friendly Stationery

GOAL 13: Climate Action
-TEGV Project  “Donate, Don’t Throw Out”
-Waste Paper Collection Campaign
-Waste Management
-Paper Consumption Reduction via  Google Classroom & iTunes University use
-Measuring Our Carbon Footprint

GOAL 14: Life Below Water
-Responsible Consumption & Production Project

GOAL 15: Life on Land
-WWF Animal Adoption Project
-Food Campaign for Street Animals

GOAL 16: Peace and Justice
-Democracy & Human Rights Workshops

GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal
-ENKA School Sustainability Summit
-Model United Nations
-European Youth Parliament
-Joint Projects with NGOs

  • The Urfa Project
  • The Bayburt Baksı Project
  • The Nepal Project
  • The Alp Şen İyilik Project
  • The Antalya Fenike Project
  • The Beyoğlu Anatolia Culture Foundation Project
  • The Şehit Üsteğmen Ali Büyükdicle Special Education School Project
  • The Sarıyer Municipality Youth Center Project
  • The Girls on the Field Project
  • The Support for the Visually Handicapped School Project
  • No handicaps Tennis
  • The Dreamcatcher Club
  • Community Volunteers Club – Support Project for Aziz Nesin Foundation.