Electromagnetic Fields and Magical Castles: Grade 5 students in Eskişehir

From watching the stars to seeing pirates, discovering the secrets of underwater to reviving the famous photo of Einstein, our Grade 5 students took an informative and enjoyable trip to Eskişehir. Visiting the Science Experiment Center, Wax Museum, Lumber Market, and Sazova Park, our students created unforgettable memories while learning outside the classroom.

On October 11 and 12, we organized a trip to Eskişehir where our 5th grade students improved their knowledge while having a cultural excursion with their classmates.

On the first day of the trip, we visited the Science Experiment Center, where students were able to expand on their science lessons through experiments. Then, we took a magical journey to the stars with the Earth to the Universe film at the Planetarium. After discovering the stars, we dived into the underwater world at the Aquarium. Meeting sea creatures we had never seen before, we explored the secrets of the mystical deep.

On our second day, we headed to the Wax Museum where we had the chance to meet many celebrities around the world and Turkey. Our next stop was the Odun Bazaar, a historical settlement in Eskişehir. Here, we got to know many cultural elements unique to Eskişehir and collected small  souvenirs for our families, making our trip unforgettable. Then, we took a trip to Sazova, one of the largest parks in Eskisehir. Our journey, which we started by riding the nostalgic train, became magical with Noah’s Ark,a pirate ship, and fairytale castle.

-Ozan Aysev, Social Studies Teacher