ENKA Dr. Clinton Vickers Art Gallery, supported by ENKA Schools and ENKA Foundation, has been hosting and aupporting both Turkish and foreign artists’ works at different disciplines and has contributed to art and artist since 2002.


Students find the chance of questioning artists and their works, and knowing different disciplines of visual arts thanks to the exhibitions at ENKA Schools Art Gallery. Our gallery is a complementary elements of the visual art education at the school.


Nermin Hollis


Groups can get an approintment to visit exhibitions that are available to guest schools and students.

Exhibition Time: Weekdays between 10 am and 4:30 pm

Artists, who wish to open exhibition at the gallery, may send their resume and sample works to the e-mail address below.


In Our Gallery
  1. Aslıhan Kaplan Bayrak Painting Exhibition
  2. Şarık Tara Commemoration Photography Exhibition
  1. Demet Güngörür Sculpture Exhibition
  2. Watercolor Exhibition / Doğan Soysal
  3. Photography Exhibition / Zeynep Akdağ
  4. Ufuk Baş Ceramics Exhibition
  5. Sena Gazioğlu / Student Exhibition
  6. IB Art Exhibition
  7. Ozan Ünal Sketch Exhibition
  8. Preschool Painting Exhibition
  9. End of Year Painting Exhibition
  1. Bursa Energy Museum ENKA Schools Student Exhibition
  2. Yasemin Acar Marbling Exhibition
  3. Dilek Yerlikaya Miniature Exhibition
  4. Kara Karga Magazine Caricature Exhibition
  5. ENKA Student Defne Cengiç Painting Exhibition
  1. İmoga Collection Exhibition
  2. Nurgül Arıkan Exlibris Exhibition
  3. Ali Salihoğlu Photography Exhibition
  4. Eda Taşlı Sculpture Exhibition
  5. Genco Gülan Sculpture and Painting Exhibition
  6. ENKA Student Selin Sel Painting Exhibition
  7. Kıvılcım Harika Seydim Digital Art
  1. Lütfü Uzundağ Painting- Ceramic Exhibition
  2. Ayşegül Poroy Painting Exhibition
  3. Sailing Photographs Exhibition
  4. Tan Oral Caricature Exhibition
  5. Quatro Quadrato Photography Exhibition
  6. Sumi-e Exhibition
  7. Workshop 1001 Printmaking Exhibition
  1. Oral Ünlü Painting Exhibition
  2. Student Photographs Exhibition with “New York” Theme
  3. Pınar Akarsu Tınç Painting Exhibition
  4. Erdal Ateş Painting Exhibition
  5. Dr Rinaldo Marmara Laventenler Exhibition
  6. İkinci Göz Türkiye (Second Eye Turkey) Women Photographers Exhibition
  7. ENKA Student Aslı Acar Painting Exhibition
  8. Adapazarı Enka, Gebze Technial HS, İstanbul Enka Schools Painting Exhibition
  1. Koral Sagular Photography Pattern and Costume Exhibition
  2. M.K. Perker ¬Illustration Exhibition
  3. Ezel Geylan-Seyhan Tanyeli-Semin Mirgün-Senur Biçer / Sumi-e Exhibition
  4. Dinçer Güngörür Sculpture Exhibition
  5. Laura Blue Waters Painting Exhibition
  1. Marmara University Avni Öztopçu Workshop Students Exhibition
  2. Koç University “İstanbulla Bakmak” Photography Exhibition
  3. Işık University Paintings about Newspapers Exhibition
  4. Atalay Mansuroğlu Painting Exhibition
  5. Işık University Fine Arts Faculty Graduation Exhibition
  6. Yusuf Şengür Painting Exhibition
  7. ENKA Student Mina Büker’s Painting Exhibition
  8. Fazilet Balcı Painting Exhibition
    1. Özgür Yener Painting Exhibition
    2. Kamil Masaracı Caricature Exhibition
    3. Sena Çevik Exhibition
    4. Coşkun Aydın Photography Exhibition
    5. Özlem Ölçer Exhibition
    6. Genco Gülan Exhibition
    7. Doğuş University Faculty Exhibition
  1. Marmara University Ata. Edu. Fac. Avni Öztopçu Wrokshop Portrait Pattern Exhibition
  2. Cemil Güç Sculpture Exhibition
  3. Desen Haliçınarlı Painting-Gravure Exhibition
  4. Mustafa Orkun Müftüoğlu Painting Exhibition
  5. Zehra Başaran Painting Exhibition
  6. Bayram Candan Sculpture Exhibition
  7. Daniela Citi Photography Exhibition
  1. Photography Exhibition
  2. İlker Yardımcı Sculpture Exhibition
  3. Serdar Kalmaz Keçeiçi Painting Exhibition
  4. ENKA Student Yasemin Duru Photography Exhibition
  5. Muammer Yanmaz Photography Exhibition
  6. Gülfidan Özmen Optical Creations Exhibition
  7. Türkan Karali Ceramics Exhibition
  1. Bahri Genç Paintings Exhibition
  2. İznik China Exhibition
  3. Kamil Fırat Photography Exhibition
  4. Savaş Çekiç Poster Design Exhibition
  5. Malik Bulut Sculpture Exhibition
  6. 4 Colors 4 Artists Exhibition (Ayşe Özel,Vural Yıldırım, Veli Sapaz, Mustafa Karyağdı)
  1. Sevgi Çağal Paintings Exhibition
  2. ENKA Student Setenay Kaya’s Pattern Exhibition
  3. Nasuh Mahruki Photography Exhibition
  4. John Augustuno Painting Exhibition
  5. Nüzhet Kutluğ Painting Exhibition