High School

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to ENKA High School and to our school website!

ENKA High School is a bilingual school which has high academic standards. We are a private school which has the opportunity of providing our students with two diplomas by fulfilling Ministry of Education requirements, as we are subject to the Ministry of Education Regulations, and offering International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

I am proud to state that we are one of the leading schools in Turkey and in the world with high quality staff, which has been developing since the establishment of the school, the school campus, which offers social and sports opportunities to students, fully equipped labs and libraries.

As High School Principal and Mathematics Teacher, I find it very important for our students to achieve high academic standards. Our students are growing up in a world where technology and science is rapidly improving. For this reason, it is very important for them to be successful in Science, Mathematics, Technology, and Language fields in order to become successful. Being successful in these fields helps our students acquire good decision making skills in their daily lives. Being successful in Science and Mathematics fields also improves our students’ problem solving and critical thinking skills. These two skills are the most important ones that students acquire in the school. Our students are provided with many opportunities in the ENKA High School to develop these skills.

In high school, the language of instruction is English in Mathematics and Science courses for 9th and 10th Graders. Students study all their courses in English in Diploma Program in the last two years in high school. Students find the chance of having experienced international teachers who have worked at different IB schools around the world, a very rich international digital database, access to books and websites and exchange opportunities at different schools. In addition to this, we also offer a challenging multifaceted French/German education to allow our students to reach a high level of proficiency in a second foreign language.

We are very proud with the achievements of our alumni. They enrich their graduate and post-graduate studies which they received at reputable universities in Turkey and world by participating in community service projects, scientific patent and high academic studies. We find the opportunity to observe their entrepreneurship skills in their professional lives in addition to their successful careers. The alumni do not hesitate to share their experiences with ENKA High School students. I would like to emphasize that they are always welcome in this school.

We, ENKA High School teachers and all staff, wish a productive, successful and healthy year to all our students and parents. Please see our website for more details and do not hesitate to e-mail  me  for all your questions and suggestions.

Dr. Selcen Özkaya Seçil
High School Principal