I-Search is a scientific project. Scientific project is a process of making experiments, research, collecting or inventing something about a topic of interest. It involves research, arranging research results in a report and presenting all the data at the end of the process.

  • Important notes for I-search Project
  • Keeping a journal: You can write your thoughts about I-search project and what to do in the process
  • To do research and to collect data
  • To prepare a product based on research and to present the product on the exhibition day
  • To make a presentation to share with students and teachers on the exhibition day.

Each student explains what they did in the process, which resources they used, whom they talked to, what they learned, what they thought about it, what they plan to do in the next steps, their mistakes and explorations.

Each student has a supervisor teacher. Students exchange information with their teachers in the meetings, they share what they did with their supervisors and find the chance of observing their friends’ works.