Primary Students Benefit from English Pull Out Program

At ENKA Schools, we believe that languages are constructed of common elements and learning those elements can be done simultaneously in most cases. These foundational skills are essential for success in both Turkish and English and can addressed in both languages to give students a better conceptual understanding of language along with a basic understanding of each individual language.

Every student learns at different rates and acquires skills in different sequence. A child good at spelling for her grade level may take more time to learn grammar. A child proficient at vocabulary may be slower learning to read. The pull out program assesses the specific need and supports that need to raise each student’s skill level across all elements of the program.

We started a pull out program to improve the English skills of our Primary School students. This program, organized by the English Department of ENKA’s Primary School, aims to improve the existing literacy skills of our students.

Students in each grade level are assessed by their teachers at the beginning, middle, and end of each semester to gauge their acquisition of the specific targeted learning outcomes. Our teachers take into account the exams, observations in the classroom, and the Kids A to Z scores when determining the needs of the student.
Grouped according to their specific needs, the students meet in the Language Support Classroom during their English class time to work with their teachers on their topic.

This kind of individual support provided by the pull out program will help our students progress better in the acquisition of their English.