Objectives and Organizational Guidelines

The Mission of the Faculty Committee is to provide a channel of communication outside of the management structure that promotes understanding between the staff, the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. It also serves to promote activities to facilitate positive relationships within the Faculty body and between the faculty, support staff, business office and the school’s leadership.

Drawing on their experiences and the advice of colleagues, the Staff Committee of 2018 – 2019 has drafted this document in consultation with the ENKA Schools Chair. It outlines the faculty committee’s responsibility for the profession, colleagues and employer as well as its main procedures.


The objectives of the ENKA Schools Faculty Committee are:

  • To maintain a channel of communication to make the Executive Committee and Board of Directors aware of issues of professional, social, and health and safety importance to the faculty as well as be involved in the improvement process
  • To maintain the ENKA Schools’ professional code of ethics in keeping issues confidential
  • To support making the ENKA Schools Mission statement happen.


The Staff Committee aims to meet these objectives by cooperating with the business office in the following activities:

  • Follows up on the social events done to promote staff unity and contributes to the improvement of those activities
  • creates opportunities to give staff a chance to participate in events to further hobbies and self-enrichment on and off campus.


The Staff Committee participate in the following meetings:

  • The Committee regularly organizes meetings once a month.
  • A committee representive will liase with the ENKA Schools Chair  the first week of every month to pass on issues that have arisen in the prior week’s meeting
  • Committee members will aim to meet all of the committee guidelines and maintain the privacy of the staff that have passed on their concerns.


  • Candidates put their names in candidate list of their school or administration by the end of the first week of the August SITE
  • Elections are done in each school and business department in the way that is suitable for that section of the school and one person is elected from each school and business department. Staff Committee will be 5 members in total
  • It is required for all sections (Pre-school, Primary School; Middle School, high school and Administration) to be represented and at least one international staff should be in the committee
  • The Committee is elected for one year.