The success in fine arts means to achieve success in all revolutions. The nations unsuccessful in fine arts unfortunately will forfeit to have the high humanity in civilizations.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Our students in the school, in the light of the path drawn by Atatürk have the education where they can understand the importance of fine arts and artists as well as experience many branches of fine arts. Besides being introduced with basic branches such as literature, theater, art, music and dance, our students have the chance to experience interdisciplinary practices as they link these with technology and postmodern approaches. Above all, in our school, international organizations and exhibitions are organized that enable students to share their work with their peers and art lovers. Each student in the school is required to participate in an activity taking place either on or behind the stage. These activities will make a difference for our students when they graduate in their skills of appreciation of art, self-confidence and personal expression. Being an ENKA means being aware of the importance and the vitality of every branch of art and striving to become the individuals giving the support that art deserves.