We Came, We Inquired, We Left With a Bundle of Questions

The first of our weekly Philosophy Workshops was launched on October 1st this year. These voluntary workshops for High School students centers on a different topic every Tuesday in the Philosophy Classroom.

Workshops start with a stimulus: a song, a short video, words of a great thinker, or even a joke. Anything that prompts the individual to think. The aim is to activate the flow of thought.

The discussions, which last about 45 minutes, begin with a single word that describes the stimulus. One-word concepts are deepened by the contributions of the participants. Do we really see that in the video? Is reality really real? Is censorship a control mechanism? Where is culture in our individual existence? 

When the Philosophy Workshop ends its weekly session, it is with the hope that students will continue their philosophical inquiry.

Creating a place where every idea is valuable and can be discussed freely, the Philosophy Workshops aim to improve students’ critical perspectives, to demonstrate the arguability of an idea, and perhaps most importantly, to provide the student with the ability to articulate themselves well.

For the past three weeks, self and existence, right or wrong, fear and courage were some of our topics. Celebrating our individuality, we will continue to keep the doors open to free minds throughout the year.