Our vision is to be a good model for the institutions that follow us by fulfilling the responsibility we have in our field in Turkey and, drawing on their strength and support, to take an authoritative position in Europe and the World.


We make use of the latest professional machinery technology that meets the needs of the market. We also make use of the most up-to-date educational equipment and employ modern educational methods that respond to both the social and the cultural needs of our students. As a result, our students become aware of their responsibilities, and observe and develop sensitivity to the values of professional ethics and morality. In conclusion, we have set out to educate the students in such a way that they will be able to meet the needs of the relevant sectors and institutions of higher education.

  • To educate our students in such a way that they will have the opportunity to enter university after graduation.
  • To train students as individuals who are self-confident and able to express themselves easily in the community.
  • To ensure that by taking the required courses in the curriculum, students who graduate from our school achieve a professional competence that qualifies for international recognition.
  • Accordingly, to employ graduates of the school in other countries in one of the international organisations of the ENKA business group, and to obtain TSE and ISO9001 certificates.
  • To provide vocational courses for young people working in industry, unemployed people and even high school graduates, thereby enriching Turkish industry and society.