In line with our aim of educating young people who are self-confident, inquisitive, and able to produce solutions to social problems by working in teams, ENKA Technical Schools now participates in the FIRST® LEGO® LEAGUE (FLL). Some 80 countries around the world take part in this event.

In addition to FLL, we also take part in the World Robot Olympics (WRO), which seeks to raise awareness of robotics among young people. WRO develops the skills of students throughout the world, from primary school to university, by organising “thoughtful and educational robot tournaments and activities” which test their abilities to generate ideas and solve problems.

Students working with LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 sets in the LEGO class we have established at the school are able to demonstrate and improve their manual skills, their design abilities, their talents for algorithmic thinking, their software skills, their interest in science-mathematics-engineering issues, their awareness of how technology is used for production and their capacities for teamwork.