Ministry of Education LGS (High School Entrance Exam) scores are the basic qualifications to register Kocaeli ENKA Technical Schools. After the LGS scores of the students are announced, the “PRE-REGISTRATION APPLICATION” form will be opened on the school website. The candidate students will enrol for the pre-registration application with their scores and the percentiles in Turkey.

There are two types of schools: Science and Technology High School, Anatolian Technical High School.

In pre-registrations, candidate students can either apply for both types of schools or only for Science Technology High School or Anatolian Technical High School.

There is no pre-registration at any institution or address other than the website of our school.


Upon the completion of the application of pre-registrations from the website, the students will be ranked according to their percentiles and scores. As a result of the ranking, the students who choose Science and Technology High School will take the assessment exam of our school.


Regarding the registration process of Science and Technology High School, questions consisting of Olympic-styled Mathematics and Physics will be asked. The content and the points of the questions will be determined by the commission. The scores of LGS exam and our evaluation exam will be combined for the total score to form the registration list.

No registration evaluation exam will be held for Anatolian Technical High School, and only after the applications of the candidate students on our website, the registration list will be created by ranking the students according to LGS exam percentiles and score superiority.

When the registration lists for both types of schools are created, they will be announced on the school website. After the registration of the main list, substitute students will be enrolled on space-available basis within the specified dates.

According to the students who enrolled in our school in the last academic year, the base percentiles of last year were 1.49 % for Anatolian Technical High School; and it was 0,7 % for  Science and Technology High School. The base scores of our school may vary each year according to the enrolment year and the success of the students. The base scores for this year will be formed after the registrations. The number of students to be admitted to our school will be announced along with the registration lists.

All students enrolled in both types of schools get a 100% education grant. There is no tuition fee for any student.