School Health Unit where there is a doctor and nurse, provides preventive health, emergency treatment and counseling services to our students and our staff. As regards to our students’ health problems, we contact the parents, monitor the ongoing treatment processes if they are needed, follow up with the students with possible discomforts that require urgent intervention, and apply medicine to the students who need to use regular medicines. The vaccination implemented by the Ministry of Health, followed by screening programs and informing about infectious diseases and taking precautions are also among the services of our health unit. Our infirmary consists of a two-bed observation room and patient registration departments and has the necessary medical equipment for examination, urgent intervention and clinical observation.

It is also the duty of our health unit to monitor daily compliance with the hygiene standards of all units of the school and ensure that all units adhere to these standards.

As for the drinking water in our school, tap water which is subjected to analysis and treatment processes by the Department of Chemical Technologies is used. Our health unit is tresponsible of the control of the routine organic cleansing of water stored in the fountains.

In our school, medical waste is collected by the health unit within the waste management process which is applied according to ISO 9001-2015 standards.



All of our students and staff are covered by the “personal accident insurance” provided by the relevant company for any accident that may occur during transportation to the school.

If the ambulance and health unit personnel are not in the school due to any reason during emergencies, temporary personnel will be provided from the nearest health unit.