In our school, established in 2014 with a modern education campus, qualified teaching staff and equipped laboratories, 118 students are being educated. The most important goal of our school is to train qualified people who can navigate Turkey to its well-deserved place in the future. Our education is a five-year program that starts with a one-year English Preparatory Class. German is taught as a second foreign language.

Main objectives of the Science and Technology High School:

1-Project-based education,

2- Academic training that enables students to study in good majors at top universities,

3- To provide advanced foreign language education,

4- To provide up-to-date technological education,

5- To improve intellectual level of students by means of education and activities organized in cultural, artistic and social fields.

Our school is located in the same building with Private ENKA Vocational and Technical High School that provides service in a 30,750 m2 green area, consisting of 15,000 m2 closed area in the Machinery Organized Industrial Zone District of Kocaeli. Our school has its own ten classrooms and students share the dining hall, sports hall, tennis court, football pitch and other campus areas with students of Private ENKA Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School.

All of our students receive full scholarships. All services such as education, service and meals are provided free of charge and the university preparatory course is offered free of charge as well within our school.

In addition to the science high school curriculum in our school, students who want to study medicine in accordance with the goals and tendencies of the students starting from the 10th grade are given genetics courses in the genetic laboratory. The students who want to study engineering are taught the mechatronics and computer programming languages in ateliers.

In order to increase the foreign language proficiency of our students, every year a certain number of students are sent to the language school in England under the sponsorship of the Regional Directorate of Machinery Specialized Organized Industry.

Having a very rich library, including digital sources such as Encyclopaedia Britannica, our school enables our students to keep up the periodicals. In addition to the physics, chemistry and biology applied sciences labs equipped with the latest technology, our school also has a LEGO robot studio, model aircraft-drone atelier, science center, visual arts studio and a studio for our school orchestra and music bands to rehearse.

In TUBITAK Research Project Competitions for high school students, our students who had been prepared in cooperation with many different universities and companies showed great success together with our students in ENKA Anatolian Technical High School. Their 12 projects out of 28 were selected for the regional exhibition. In the regional exhibition, our 4 projects were ranked 1st and 1 for the 2nd. From our projects of the 1st ranked taken for Final project exhibition; our Physics project was ranked 2nd,our Biology project was ranked 3rd and Software project was 4th in Turkey.

In the 27th National Science Olympiads award ceremony organized by TÜBİTAK, 15 of our students achieved great success by winning medals. Our students won 2 silver,3 bronze medals in Mathematics,3 silver and 3 bronze medals in Physics, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal in Chemistry and 2 bronze medals in Biology. In the 28th National Science Olympiads,  our Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Computer Sciences and Chemistry Olympiad Teams honored  us with 38 students who passed the first round among 250 students selected all over Turkey. A student of our school got 9th place in Turkey Philosophy Olympiads

In the Kangaroo Mathematics Competition, 29 of our students answered all questions correctly and won 1st place in their categories. Our team,named Creative, got 1st place in Purple Comet Mathematics Competition in Turkey.

Our students, who took part in robotic studies within programming and technical courses, and competed in various robotics competitions organized by universities and institutions, have last of degrees. In the project activity named “P-325” and organized by Pirelli, our students targeted to make environmental education effective and enjoyable with educational material for children of primary school age. Among 95 teams, our students passed the first stage and achieved to be in the first 8, and Pirelli’s maker truck came to our school. As a result of the second stage final of the event, our students got 1st place among 8 teams and were awarded the grand prize.

With the support of our teachers, students carry on their activities at MUN (Model United Nations), English Drama and many other social fields like social responsibility projects. Under the theme of Sustainability Campus, sustainability activities are organized together with Anatolian Technical High School and other ENKA schools. Many projects, like Çerkeşli Secondary School Sponsorship Project, Blood and Stem Cell Donation Campaign, Long Live Art Project, Building Shelters for Stray Animals have been continued.

Our 2020 graduates of STHS (Science and Technology High School) as the second graduates, achieved a great success in the university entrance exams. Our 7 students were in the first 1000 according to the placement grades in Higher Education Institutions Examination (YKS). According to the placement preferences, our 14 graduates have settled in medicine,10 in engineering and architecture, and 1 in dentistry.

In order to support our students’ profession choices, our school organizes a day to introduce professions with the participation of professional associations, universities and organized industry representatives. By means of this event, our students have the opportunity to get to know many different professions closely.