As ENKA Schools, we expect all of our students to create social responsibility projects at the level of student clubs or with individual ideas, contributing to ongoing projects. At Anatolian Technical High School, our students develop projects to meet the needs and expectations of nearby and remote environments at every grade level starting from the 9th grade. The determined social responsibility project subjects are applied by spreading to the relevant academic year in the presence of club teachers or project advisor teachers. The main features we look for in the projects we put into practice in our school are the practicability from micro to macro, considering the social sensitivities and the contribution of our students to learning processes by doing and living.

In the Social Responsibility Project, we learn:

  • Different lifestyles
  • The change of notion of need according to socio-economic structure
  • To be respectful to individual and social differences
  • To take initiative
  • To make organizations
  • Team work
  • To develop empathy
  • To use moral and material opportunities efficiently
  • Time management
  • To teach lifelong social awareness

Our students have been involved in different social responsibility projects with different ideas since the establishment phase of our school.

(Collecting lids for the purchase of wheelchairs)

(Book Donation Projects)

(Traffic rules awareness campaign)

(Oncology patients morale visits, concerts and entertainment for children)

(Providing support to the campaigns of NGO called Needs Map)

(Delivery of food that will be thrown away from the dining hall to the street animals)

(Contribution to the establishment of a library for a village school with income from the sale of students’ handmade materials)

(Efficiency of empathizing with visually impaired people)

(Awareness studies on the ownership of orphan animals)

(Equipment donations to schools suffering from sports equipment troubles)

(Extension of living habitats by afforestation)

(Stationery donation campaign)

(Teaching basic drawing programs to secondary school students)

(Donation of blankets to animal shelters)