1- These principles determine the conditions of the ENKA Sport Education and Social Assistance Foundation Scholarship to be given to students who have graduated from Kocaeli Private ENKA Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School and Science and Technology High School (hereinafter referred to as “Schools”) and who have settled in higher education.

2- In this bylaw, there is no interest in any law or regulation, and there is no legal binding of persons.

3- Students who graduate from these schools, after registering for the institution of higher education they have settled, submit their records of their enrollment and the documents announced by the school in the relevant year, either delivery by hand or post to the school administration. Scholarship applications of students who submit their documents after the announced date are not taken into consideration.

4- Scholarship applications will be accepted only for the students who are placed in undergraduate education for 4 years or more. Scholarships for students enrolled in the preparatory class are initiated when they pass the preparatory class. Scholarships will not be paid while studying in the preparatory class.

5- Scholarship applications of the students who will be graduated  in June 2021 and those who entered the first 25 thousand in SAY, first 10 thousand in EA and the first 1 thousand in SÖZ and YDT will be accepted.*

6- Higher scholarships will be awarded to the top 1000 students who have won medals in international science olympics.

7- Scholarships will be given for 9 months between October and June.

8- The amount of the scholarship to be offered to the students who have newly entered and the amount of scholarships to be offered to the students who have been studying and have passed their classes shall be determined by the school board considering the financial situation of the students.

9- New graduates who will be awarded scholarships for the first time in determining the financial situation of their families, parental payroll and e-government real estate, vehicles and passport entry-exit stamps will be taken into account.

10- For the continuation of the scholarship at the beginning of each academic year, the students submit the new term’s student certificate, the transcript of the previous year and the documents announced by the school in the relevant year to the school administration by hand or post. Scholarships of students who submit their documents after the announced date will not be provided.

11- If the students who change university or department when they are receiving the scholarship from the first year, the total scholarship cannot exceed the year specified for the undergraduate program in total from the day the student starts to receive the first scholarship.

12- Students graduated from Private ENKA Technical Schools are obliged to be a member of Private ENKA Technical Schools Graduate Association in order to get scholarship. Anyone who is not a member of the association or whose membership is terminated for various reasons cannot get the scholarship anymore.

13- Scholarships for students who cannot pass their class at the university and those who are unable to finish the university within the specified duration of study are discontinued without further admission.

14- This regulation consists of 1 (one) page and 14 (fourteen) clauses and the updated version will be announced on the school website.

*SAY= Maths and Science

EA=Maths and Turkish

SÖZ=Turkish and Social Sciences

YDT =Foreign Languages