Enka Technical Schools Sustainability Studies

Our sustainability efforts are supported and directed by our ENKA Headquarters. We can’t thank them enough for their contributions of our sustainability studies.


* 102 KGs of plastic caps were collected and donated to the Turkish Spinal Cord Injury Association’s plastic caps recycling campaign.

* Only 1 copy and 1 printing machine are connected to the common network used in our school. Thus energy and paper savings have been provided since the establishment of our school. Most of our departments do not have printers, and our teachers use the main network-connected copier.

* A battery-recycling machine was made by students and is used effectively.

* Garden lighting is converted to halogen LED to save energy.

* It is aimed to create a real forest ecosystem by planting shelled fruits in the memorial forest. (Project still in progress)

* Automatic sensor taps help with water saving and are located in every part of our campus.

* Biological water purification is applied to the wastewater and then utilized in watering the garden.

* Tap water is purified and used as drinking water, which in turn is not only a sustainable solution for the environment, but financially beneficial as well, by eliminating our dependency on bottled water dispensers.

* Our kitchen staff has been providing environmental contributions for many years with its used cooking oil retainer system.

* Recycling is managed by the “Waste Management” process in ISO and all sections were decomposed and sent to the relevant institutions without being mixed with the general waste of the school (chemical waste, workshop waste, domestic waste, medical waste).

* As a step towards an eco-campus, a greenhouse was built in our school.

* In the TUBITAK competition of research projects among high schools, many of our projects have been ranked and awarded for social and environmental sustainability. Apart from these, the following awarded projects were not only top ranked, but also determined in accordance with sustainability in mind.

*Rheum Ribes the Examining of the Effect of Body Extract on Breast Cancer Cells – In 2017, at the Fenerbahçe College Research Projects Competition, it was ranked 3rd in Biology. The same year, the project was elected for the Regional Exhibition in Biology at the 26th MEF Schools Research Projects Competition.

Contribution to Sustainability

Side effects of chemical drugs used in chemotherapy can lead to a patient’s death. However, this plant is suitable for natural treatment.

* The Use of Pomegranate Peel in the Preservation of Green Vegetables –         This project won 1st place in Chemistry at the Fenerbahçe College Research Projects Competition in 2017.

Contribution to Sustainability

Chemical substances are used to preserve the freshness of vegetables and fruits. They have negative impacts on our health. But the pomegranate peel we use is a natural material and has no side effect.

* Antimicrobial Effect of Electrolyzed Acidic Water – In 2016, our project was selected for display at the Asian Regional Exhibition among many others in Biology. The competition was at the 47th TUBITAK Secondary Education Research Projects Competition.

* Disinfecting effect of slightly acidic electrolyzed water on fresh lettuce –         In 2017, we won 1st place in Biology at the Fenerbahçe College Research Projects Competition. That year, at the 26th MEF Schools Research Projects Competition we won the Sarıyer Municipality Jury Special Award in Biology.

Projects Contributions to Sustainability

Electrolysed water was obtained by a special method using pure water and salt. There is no harmful effect to the human health. It was developed as an alternative solution to various chemicals used for disinfectant purposes, which are harmful to human health and environment. The first project studied the effect of electrolyzed water on destroying bacteria that could cause disease. In the second project, the effect of dilution of electrolyzed water was examined instead of chemicals used for disinfection of vegetables that were washed and sorted in markets. The outcome of both projects is positive.

* A4 papers used in school are selected from 100% recycled brands.



* The peer coaching system is used in our school.

* “The Atatürk Library” was built for Tavşancıl Primary and Secondary Schools with the revenues obtained from the baked sale fundraiser during the May 19 festivities.

* Measures are taken to ensure the continuity of social responsibility projects of our social clubs.

* Activities for elderly people and Oncology service moral visits (concerts, entertainment) are held.

* Activities for stray animals and shelters in our region (construction of huts for OSH for street dogs, donation of blankets to shelters, distribution of the appropriate food for street animals to street animals) have been done before.

* Awareness-raising activities have been carried out for disabilities (dialogue in the dark).

* Donations made to sister schools (book, stationery, sporting goods)

* Advisor teacher system is applied.

* Students who participate in MUN studies and attend the UN simulation research solutions to global issues. Delegates who have been to 2 or more simulations become head delegates. This year our Foreign Languages Department teachers have planned 6 separate MUN studies to be held throughout the 2017-2018 academic year, 7 out of 48 students will attend as head delegates. The 48 candidates were short-listed out of around 100 students based on their scores from interviews.

* Our country visits are realized within the scope of ERASMUS project works. In such visits, the awareness of students in many aspects is increasing. For example, the places where historic tragedies are experienced, such as the Auschwitz concentration camp, are shown to students and messages of universal awareness and peaceful life are given.

* Assistive staff working in our school within the context of local development are employed by the surrounding villagers.


* Although we are a technical school, the female-male distribution of our teaching staff is equally balanced.

* Activities are held in the scope of March 8th World Working Women’s Day.

* Male-female student distributions in the class are made as homogeneously as possible.

* Successful women such as entrepreneurs, managers and scientists, from in male dominated sectors are invited to school to meet and greet our students: OPET EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBER, Nurten ÖZTÜRK; FORENSIC SCIENTIFIC SPECIALIST, Sevil ATASOY; THE FIRST TURKISH FEMALE SCIENTIST WHO WENT TO THE SOUTH POLE, Burcu ÖZSOY.