Counseling Office

About 85% of our ENKA senior class applies to universities abroad each year. The Overseas College Counseling Office (OCCO) helps those students and their families with their choices, preparations, and planning to prepare for studies at higher education institutions outside of Turkey. We believe that the success of college placement is measured by finding places where each student will thrive; the best university is a place that is an appropriate fit for each of our unique students. Through group presentations and individual appointments, we work with 9th -12th grade students and their parents as they make plans for their future.

We are always available to meet with families to answer questions. OCCO is led by the Dean of Students, Metin Ferhatoğlu. Our highly experienced counselors are Sedef Yücad, Ayşegül Kaptan, and Christina Botonaki.


Please stop by our office during breaks and lunch to ask any questions you may have. Remember, we are not only here to help you, but eager to do so! For any appointments or attendance at presentations which will occur during class time, students must use an “out of class permission form”.


We meet with parents on an appointment basis. Please feel free to call or e-mail us at any time to set up an appointment.


ENKA Schools and the Overseas College Counseling Office welcome visitors from colleges and universities. Each year we receive about 100 university visitors. If you would like to visit us, please contact one of our college counselors.



Process of Planning to Study Abroad?

Throughout grades 9-12 we assist students and parents in the following ways:

  • Encourage students to work towards their full potential
  • We push the students to value and achieve a good command of English
  • Each year informational evening presentations for overseas university education are given for students and parents for specific grade levels
  • Students and parents are invited to attend university fairs here in Istanbul and to attend general information meetings and seminars on different educational systems
  • College counselors work individually with students and assist them in choosing appropriate options for their university studies
  • Guidance is given regarding planning for and taking any necessary external assessments such as IELTS/TOEFL /SAT/ACT/SAT Subject Tests
  • Students are helped in choosing appropriate summer schools or in making appropriate summer plans.

If you have any questions regarding ENKA School’s Overseas University Counseling please feel free to contact us.




Programs Advising

Dear ENKA Students and Parents,

Summer School can be a wonderful way to develop personally, socially and academically. There are an abundance of summer schools worldwide and learning about what opportunities are out there can be a daunting task. In order to make this task a little easier, the OCCO has created the summer school database which we feel will give you a starting point from which to explore your options.

Please keep in mind that schools vary greatly in the type of programs they offer, the quality of these programs, their costs and their requirements for admission. We are providing you with many programs but this list is not in any way a complete list of all programs. There are many more out there. You may also want to try searching the web for additional programs. In addition, we will continue to update this database as we learn about new programs and as time permits, so if you learn of a program that you think could be a good addition to our list, please email the information to me. It should also be noted that ENKA does not have any relationship with any of the programs listed here nor do we take responsibility for the quality of any of the programs.

The process of applying to summer programs abroad takes about one or two months. The deadlines are throughout the spring, with many being in February and March. It is advisable therefore, that students and parents begin this process in January or during the semester break at the latest. It would be a good idea to browse the database in January and make your final decisions before the semester break!

Please, first read the information about how the OCCO will assist you and about how to use our database, and then enjoy yourself as you browse through the options out there, make a decision about whether to attend a summer program abroad, and if so – which ones may best help you to develop and reach your goals.


Assist Us With Applying to Summer School?

The OCCO office at ENKA is here to assist 9th -12th grade students with their summer school plans. We will be assisting students who would like to apply individually to programs abroad. The OCCO will not be organizing groups of students to attend set/ENKA sponsored programs.

A great place to start is with setting your goal. What do you want to achieve from your summer experience. Then, research some possible options to work towards your goal. You can always get advice from the OCCO if you would like help in figuring out your objectives and in making your choices.

Once you know where you plan to apply – You MUST do the following:


Summer Schools


Come to the OCCO a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of the deadlines and tell your counselor to which programs you are planning to apply. Get your cover sheet.


Do your research and fill out the front cover of the cover sheet.

If you are going to need recommendation letter(s) from your teacher(s), have your teacher(s) sign the back the cover sheet.


Once you have the teacher(s) and the counselor’s signatures- bring the cover sheet to the OCCO to get your ‘send off date’.


Give all required application materials along with the necessary cargo fee to the OCCO as soon as possible but no less than a minimum of one day in advance of your ‘send off date’. We will send your application along with any necessary school documents on the send off date.