Middle School

In middle school, students’ mental development is very rapid. They acquire many skills, ethical values and physical capabilities during this period. Considering students’ emotional and physical characteristics, ENKA Middle School plans and carries out all education tasks and counseling activities to help students develop in a healthy way. With the guidance of experienced and highly qualified middle school teachers, we expect each student to achieve their full potential.

We expect our students to be versatile, sensitive to the problems both in their country and in the world, to use at least two foreign languages and their mother tongue efficiently, to be respectful of personal rights and academic values, and to make space for Art and Sport in their lives. As our students prepare for their future studies, ENKA Middle School is their greatest support in this journey.

ENKA Middle School has embraced both MEB curriculum requirements and other international organizations’ – in particular the IB (International Baccalaureate Organization’s ) – education philosophies in order to raise individuals who know how to learn and who enjoy learning, who are independent thinkers, and who can solve problems.

We have a strong awareness of being a big family that includes our students, teachers, staff and parents. We feel the responsibility of being one of the leading education organizations in Turkey and around the world. Please contact us by phone or e-mail in order to obtain more detailed information about our school.

I wish you an academic year filled with health and success.

Hüsnü Yılmaz
Middle School Principal