We look forward to working with teachers who:
• Are creative, open-minded, enthusiastic team players
• Can communicate effectively in English
• Have effective communication and presentation skills
• Can use educational technologies effectively
• Preferably have knowledge of/experience with the International Baccalaureate programs

For all positions, a passport from a country that has English as an official language is required. For all positions, send CV and letter of interest here.


Istanbul ENKA Schools is recruiting an IT Department staff member with the following qualifications:

-Graduated from related departments of a university or vocational college
-Experienced in computer hardware, MS operating systems, MS Office software, able to solve problems and provide user support
-Preferably experienced with MacOS
-Network knowledge, experience in network configuration and cabling
-Knowledge of MS Server services (Active Directory, DNS, DHCP)
-Ability to support other software programs used within the school
-Good command of English
-Team player, good collaboration skills
-Result-oriented with a strong work ethic
-At least 3 years of experience
-Under 30 years of age
-Completed military service for male candidates

Applicants who possess the above requirements are invited to send their curriculum vitae (that includes three references with full contact details) and a letter of application to

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Besides the personal identity information, contact details, information about your age, gender, state of health and marital status, and demographic information, such as country of origin, which you have shared with our institution and/or which has been communicated to us via human resources platforms during the job application process, and which are defined as personal data in the law, information concerning your level of education and employment history and data on seminars and in-service training in which you have participated are processed by our institution in accordance with the relevant legislation, and are stored solely for the eventuality of your meeting ENKA’s job criteria and of the need arising for your employment.

Your curriculum vitae, copies of your identity documents, medical reports, personality tests and criminal records are among the personal data which are provided to ENKA by yourself, or forwarded to our institution by the major human resources platforms with which you have previously shared data, as part of the job application process, in line with your aim of working for ENKA. Your personal data as job applicants are obtained and stored by our institution in parallel with the purpose for which you provided the information, for the legitimate aim of filling currently vacant positions or positions that may become vacant in future, while paying maximum attention to your personal rights and freedoms. Such data will be retained and processed for a period of three years following the communication of your curriculum vitae to our institution, and will then be erased. The security measures required to prevent any illegal access to or processing of your personal data as a result of your job application have been identified, and the necessary administrative and technical measures, such as authorization limits and the signing of confidentiality agreements, have been taken to prevent those personnel who have access to these data from disclosing them to other persons in contravention of the law or from making use of them outside the processing area.

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In line with Article 10 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, ENKA informs data subjects about their rights concerning the protection of their personal data and guides them on how to make use of these rights. In compliance with Article 13 of the same Law, ENKA operates the channels, internal procedures and administrative and technical regulations necessary for the purpose of assessing the rights of data subjects and providing them with the required information.

Accordingly, data subjects may communicate their requests in respect of their rights as set out in the ENKA Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy by providing identification information and documents and filling out the form provided at the address or by filling out and signing the Data Subject Personal Information Application Form by such other means as are stated on the form or determined by the Personal Data Protection Board.

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