Make ENKA More Sustainable!

This is our students’ purpose and vision. Grade 7 students took a stand on a Monday Assembly in front of the whole school, raised their placards and voiced their mission. Raising around a thousand liras selling designed mugs and t-shirts to plant more trees in the campus, our students point out the one, unavoidable truth. “There is no Planet B!”

Climate change is a crucial issue. As ENKA Schools, we encourage our students to demand their environmental rights. We try to inspire them to leave a better legacy than their elders.

Our Grade 7CD English cohort and their teacher, Ms. Daniela Citi, have made the decision to raise awareness about climate change, and in students’ own words “make ENKA a more sustainable school”. Preparing their posters and a manifest, students addressed their schoolmates on a Monday Assembly. Afterwards, students have taken on various roles to raise money in order to provide their school with more trees. During each break, students have been selling cool t-shirts designed by Grade 7D student Ali C., and stickers and mugs designed by Grade 7D Ada A. In just 2 days, they raised nearly a thousand lira!

They will continue to sell these items over the coming weeks. They also have plans t conduct a collective beach clean-up with parents and siblings that should be happening one weekend soon. Details will be advertised around school.

Don’t forget to support our students by buying an awesome t-shirt or mug!