New Options for ENKA High School Students: Differentiated Pathways

Last year we worked diligently with our Grade 10 students, parents, heads of departments, teachers, and overseas and Turkish university counselors to improve what we can offer academically to our Grade 11 and 12 students. Developing High School curriculum options that better suit the needs of ALL of our students, we have created two separate curriculum trajectories to accommodate students according to their academic needs and targets.

After much research and discussion we decided to implement the two pathway program.

This new pathway system has enabled our students to choose whether the MEB or the MEB + IBDP program is the right one for them. Additionally, within both pathways are different tracks that support the students’ university and career aspirations, allowing them to choose from the Science/Math track; the Liberal Arts track; or the Arts and Language track.

The first cohort of 78 students to benefit from this program have selected their pathways, with  32 students opting for the MEB diploma and 46 students enrolled in the MEB + full IB Diploma program.

For our Grade 12 students this year who are targeting Turkish universities, our Takviye Course teachers are available to support them during the school days. These students also participate in Takviye Courses after school on Mondays and Wednesdays  as well as on Saturdays.

Grade 11 MEB and MEB +IBDP students also have the option of enrolling in the Takviye Courses to prepare more for the TYT and AYT exams.  We have MEB and MEB+IBDP students who have already enrolled and are receiving lessons from the school’s full-time Takviye Course teachers.

Our Grade 11 students have started this year very positively. Many members of the school administration have observed students in lessons showing focus and determination.

We trust that these highly differentiated programs will serve our students’ educational needs better and offer them more support for their future careers.

–Natalie Parker, High School Assistant Principal & IB Coordinator

–Metin Ferhatoğlu, Dean of Students