Pre-School Artists Create Freely in Their Open Studio!

Passing through the colorful classes of our Pre-School, you go down stairs to find the open studio of our Pre-School artists! In this free space, students learn through exploration and discovery, choosing the materials they will use and planning the project they will create. In Art classes, students take ownership of their learning and experience different ways to express their ideas.

Last month our students took their first step into the studio, learning how it works and discovering what each station offers.

The students start their lessons by listening to each other. Then, guided by their teachers, they begin to talk about the topic of the day. Afterwards, they go to different stations full of wondrous materials and their ideas spark into projects shaped by their imagination.

There is no “right” or “wrong” in the open studio. Discovering their individuality, students use their creativity as a way of understanding the world. In a flexible learning space, they explore their own problems and take control of the solution process. When they work freely, students’ self-confidence improves. They create their own compositions, choose their own materials, and recognize their individuality. According to clinical reports by the American Academy of Pediatrics, research shows that this kind of undirected activity “…allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength.”

As they adapted to their friends and classrooms, Pre-School students began to widen their vocabulary with the English and Turkish words they have been learning. They recently started their projects with the connotations of the word “Friendship“. A group of students got inspired by the word “ship” in “friendship” and transformed the cardboard boxes into ships. They made drawings on the boxes, glued materials that would be ship parts and they took the finished boxes to their class. Now, whenever friendship is mentioned in the classroom, they add the box to their games.

In an open workshop that fosters the development of personal expression, creativity blossoms and drives student learning each day, with our Pre-School artists adding a new project to their collection every day.