To encourage curiosity and creativity and to ensure the development of their understanding of the world, learners at Adapazarı Private ENKA Schools are made to interpret the world from a scientific point of view. Inquiry is the central point of scientific research and understanding. Learners create and inquire into their understanding of the world by combining their scientific knowledge, logic and thinking skills. By thinking about scientific knowledge, students develop a sense of responsibility for the impact of their actions on themselves, others and the world. The process provides them with an opportunity to accomplish their IB learner profile attributes.

Including the scientific point of view in the education programme brings learners closer to science and increases their quality of life. It improves their understanding and skills with respect to the potentials offered by the rapidly changing world of science and technology. This in turn ensures that learners appreciate scientific contributions from different cultures and develop an understanding of academic honesty.

The school approaches science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects with learning models such as project and problem based learning. Research and creativity laboratories are therefore used at all stages of the learning process. During the lessons and club activities which take place in these laboratories, priority is attached to critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication, in keeping with the skills required in the 21st century.