To engage the world, we believe in the importance of learning an additional language.  Adapazarı ENKA High School multinational staff conducts English and Spanish courses with a program focused on skill-oriented and differentiated teaching practices.

The main goal of our department is to raise progressive and respectful individuals who are open to different languages ​​and cultures in a positive environment, where all their ideas are accepted, and they can freely question ideas by adopting mental flexibility as a principle.

For this purpose, our department aims to improve our students’ critical thinking skills such as analysing information in English and Spanish, synthesizing existing and new information and creating an original understanding.

In this context, an intensive program of 20 hours of English and 4 hours of Spanish are applied to our Prep classes. At the same time, with our clubs, our department creates platforms for our students to process information they have learned in English and Spanish, to use reasoning and logic effectively, and to develop their entrepreneurial spirit and collaboration skills by taking initiative.

In addition to these studies, our department prepares our students for international exams that can be an important milestone in their future educational lives and careers; and offers consultancy for foreign exchange programs.

Our institution sends our most successful students to a four-week British Summer Camp every year, taking into account the end of year academic averages, this is done  to encourage all of our students’ to be persistent in the pursuit of knowledge and to acknowledge their achievements.