Art education at ENKA Schools is the process of changing, transforming, developing and empowering students’ own lives purposefully and methodically.

Art education enables the individual to gain behaviours such as aesthetic sensitivity, respect for opposing views, valuing different cultures, gaining awareness of protecting artwork, and sharing a common universal value.

The immortalization of culture and civilization through arts education happens when the art is fed with rich aesthetics of folk culture and daily life, and transformed into a love and sense of art at an early age.

The main purpose of Physical Education is to improve the student’s physical health and muscle-brain coordination. The department of Physical Education ensures that students perform their basic self-care in accordance with hygiene rules. Students become individuals who can apply first aid and simple treatment methods by gaining proper eating habits.

At the end of the process, our students are raised as individuals who think reflectively, and can internalize the positive effects of sports. Furthermore, they are aware of the importance of collaboration by taking part in school teams, have a high level of communication skills and aesthetic perception.