Arts education at ENKA Schools is a process of enabling students to change their own lives positively – to transform, develop and specialise systematically and purposefully. Arts education ensures that students develop behavioural traits and attitudes such as aesthetic sensitivity, respect for opposing views, attribution of value to different cultures, awareness of the importance of protecting objects of art and a sense of sharing common universal values.

Combining the fine arts with the aesthetic richness of folk culture and daily life makes it possible for students to internalise culture and civilisation through arts education.  An awareness and love of the arts are instilled from an early age.

The main goal of the Physical Education Department is to develop physical health and muscle-brain coordination. The ENKA Middle School Physical Education Department aims to raise well-balanced individuals and provide students with an awareness of hygiene and body care. Students make a habit of eating a healthy diet; and learn to apply basic first aid and treatment procedures. At the end of the  fourth year, when our students come to reflect, they internalise the benefits of sports. A a result of participating in school teams, they understand the importance of cooperation. They also display high-level communication skills and aesthetic appreciation.