The Basketball Club aims to develop the general physical strength, endurance, speed and flexibility of its members, as well as to equip them with the specific motor skills pertaining to basketball. At the same time, it seeks to make a contribution to the students’ game intelligence, reasoning ability and rapid decision-making skills.

Students joining the Club will gain experience of fair-play, and of the emotions of winning and losing. They will acquire the habit of dealing with results. As a result of all the training, they will acquire a sporting culture. Their bodies will be healthier too.

The members of the Creative Tools Club design, develop and produce experimental tools to serve purposes which they determine for themselves.

Various materials are used including electronic and mechanical materials.

These activities support and develop the students’ creativity.

With timely steps and lively dances accompanied by music, the students in the Dance Club will develop all their muscles large and small, refresh themselves spiritually and mentally, and learn how to stand straight and breathe correctly with rhythmic movements. They will also develop their listening and connection-making skills as they align their movements with the music.

Orienteering is a sport in which the players aim to complete the racecourse in the shortest possible time, going from one control point to another with the help of a map and compass. In orienteering, physical and mental skills are used at the same time. The goal is to develop the students’ abilities to act independently, resolve difficulties, make prompt and correct decisions, and read maps.

Based on observing nature, permaculture is a way of designing living spaces so that they are coherent, balanced and resistant like natural ecosystems. Permaculture seeks to support people, animals and nature simultaneously, creating healthy, fertile settlements. Students who are members of the Permaculture Club will get to know the plant and animal diversity on the school campus and take on active roles in caring for the animals and cultivating the plants.

Through three-dimensional thinking and the development of their design power, the members of the Sculpture and Installation Club will seek to make a lasting contribution to their environments in the form of an artistic production.

The Stop Motion Club offers its members the chance to shoot stop motion short films within the year.

Swimming is one of the most essential sports for physical development, because it makes use of all the body muscles. As a sport practised against water resistance, it makes significant contributions to muscular strength and overall resilience.

Individuals who take part in sport have a certain discipline in their lives. Swimming is one of the best sports in this respect. It is a sport that can be started at an early age. The activities of the Swimming Club are conducted by trainers in the indoor swimming pool.