In today’s world in which alternative living spaces are being sought, we believe that there are still many things to do for our planet. We carry out projects at local and global levels, both with the work we carry out in the region we live in and with our “Sustainable Campus” goals. We know that the ideas that affect millions of people and guide countries are developed and spread in educational institutions that aim to raise generations who are sensitive to their environment, and can struggle with the problems they encounter with high awareness.

As the school stakeholder of ENKA, which operates in many different locations and sectors, we support the 4 pillars of ENKA Sustainability Strategy;

-Excelling in your job,

-Treasuring our employees,

-Developing our society,

-To reduce environmental impact,

In this context, we create platforms for sustainability studies that our students can carry out during their lessons, club hours or after-school activities. The prominent examples of those studies are as follows:

  • Traditional Sustainability Meeting: Committees consisting of volunteer students from three campuses of ENKA Schools offer solutions to problems threatening the world under the moderation of experts,
  • The Department of Turkish Language and Literature publishes the school magazine and newspaper using recycled materials,
  • We carry out activities that serve sustainability goals in Club Community Service activities, lesson activities and workshops,
  • We carry out projects on the collection of electronic and paper waste at regular intervals,
  • We take part in campaigns to support non-governmental organizations by participating as a manager / teacher and student community,
  • Our Model United Nations (ADENMUN) club offers the opportunity to experience this atmosphere for students who cannot attend conferences outside the city with its committees that introduce solutions to global problems at the Model United Nations conference, which is held annually only by Adapazarı ENKA High School in Sakarya,
  • We grow organic products by regular greenhouse maintenance,
  • Our biology and geography teachers organize the Ecology Camp, where distinguished academics of the country participate to carry out studies on the protection of the ecosystem and the importance of biodiversity,
  • We support the production of compost manure and worm manure made by our students,
  • We make regular film screenings selected from the Sustainable Life Film Festival,
  • Our school and AIESEC Sakarya (Turkey Economics, Commercial Sciences of Students Internship Committee of the Association) carried out a 4-week “Global Goals” focused “Meet My World” project between February 19th-March 16th, 2018. During this process, we made interactive presentations to our visitors from 6 different countries in line with the Sustainable Development Goals,
  • Within the scope of the Science Department studies, we made it to the finals in the chemistry category by preparing a TUBITAK project on the effects of microplastics on fish,
  • We have had a number of accomplishments in the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) with a project on the exterior paints changing colours above 30 degrees and higher for energy-saving purposes.
  • An exhibition was held at the ITU Science Center on the damage caused by microplastics to the environment.

We will continue to add new projects with the aim of raising our students as individuals who have the awareness of both academic and social responsibility with the approach of a sustainable school.